showcase your work with custom frames

We offer custom framing!  Bring in your artwork or posters to be framed or buy a poster from our online poster store:  Posters of Santa Fe!


Large Selection of Frames

We have a wide variety of wood, metal and plastic frames.  


Wide Variety of Matboards

We have a wide variety of matboards in many different colors and textures, such as linen, suedes, velvets, basics, couture, and many more.

We use the best brands such as Artique, Bainbridge, Crescent, & Peterboros brands.

Mattes enhance and protects the art while providing space between the art and glazing.


Glass or Acrylic Glazing options

Quality and excellence is our standard.  We provide UV protection, conservation reflection control, and muesum grade glass or acrylic options.


Conservation Quality Framing

When dealing with the framing of fine art,  protecting and preserving the integrity and value of the artwork is our main priority. 


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